Woodall Mountain, Mississippi

The "trailhead" for Woodall Mountain

The “trailhead” for Woodall Mountain

Elevation: 807′    Prominence: 296′

The Climb: 1 mile with 200′ of elevation change

The Hike: 2 miles round trip

On Saturday, May 18, Ella and I headed to North Mississippi just across the Alabama state line to Woodall Mountain, the highest point in Mississippi. This would be our first state high point and hopefully the first of many, well, the first of 50 to be exact. We pulled onto the unimproved county road that runs to the top and found a place to park. We hiked a couple of hundred yards back to the “trailhead” where Ella posed next to the sign put up by the High Pointers Club (www.highpointers.org).

As we Hiked the one mile trail/ gravel county road to the top. We were passed by a couple of fellow high pointers heading back down from the summit. We tried to say “hi” and speak to them, but the windows were up on their Toyota pickup.

Ella and I discussed our future plans for hiking and climbing.  Ella quizzed me on what the other state high points were and which one I really wanted to so soon. I told her that Black Mesa in Oklahoma was one I really wanted to do soon. She said maybe we can do it for Father’s Day. I loved the sentiment, but had to explain to her that it is an 8.4 mile round trip hike and over sixteen hours away by car.  I asked which one she was excited about climbing. Of course she picked Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Maybe that will be her high school graduation present.

Three quarters of the way up Ella stopped to refuel using her foraging skills and found a plethora of honeysuckle. Contrary to the sign at the trailhead, we didn’t see much wildlife except for gnats and a mosquito or two (it is Mississippi). We reached the summit and found the registry and signed it. I then realized I left the tripod at home and there was nothing to set the camera on and no other tourist to take our pictures. So we hiked back down to the car and celebrated our accomplishment by driving back up and using the roof of my Ford as a tripod for our summit photo. After the trip, we headed to the big city of Iuka, Mississippi for some Mexican food.


"The Trail"

The “Trail”

Fueling up on honeysuckle nectar during the climb

Fueling up on honeysuckle nectar during the climb

We made it!

We made it!

The signed register.

The signed register.


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